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Activ8 (Energy Booster)

Activ8 (Energy Booster)


ACTIV8 (ENERGY BOOSTER) has active ingredients of caffeine free stimulants like Ginseng Taurin and Ginkgo, and will give you enhanced concentration as well as being an excellent source for energy restoration for the whole body.

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Drug Uses

ACTIV8 (ENERGY BOOSTER) gives you sensation of both relaxation and energy combined and will fill you with positive energy and confidence.


ACTIV8 (ENERGY BOOSTER) is a great product that helps to
Boosts Your Ego
Legal Herbal High
Boosts Energy
Enhanced Concentration
Helps You Relax
Safe with alcohol
Caffeine Free Party Hard

Drug Class and Mechanism

ACTIV8 (ENERGY BOOSTER) with its active ingredients of caffeine free stimulants like Ginseng Taurin and Ginkgo, gives you a legal euphoria high that will always satisfy.
ACTIV8 (ENERGY BOOSTER) offers the legal guarantee to party hard with or without alcohol.

If you are expecting a child or are planning to have a child in the near future, then consult your doctor before using ACTIV8 (ENERGY BOOSTER) to discuss any possible threats to the unborn baby.

If you are a nursing mother and breast feed your baby, then too, seek consultation before using ACTIV8 (ENERGY BOOSTER) as some drugs are excreted in the breast milk and may enter the baby.


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